[Developers] Proposed Cactus Timer API Completion

Erik Schnetter schnetter at aei.mpg.de
Tue Aug 3 08:40:51 CDT 2004

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On Tuesday 03 August 2004 14:54, Steve White wrote:
> The existing API for Cactus Timers provides accessors for Timers, but
> peters out when it comes to getting information for a particular
> clock within a timer value.  The interface consists of a structure
> definition (see Chapter B10.1 of the Users' Guide).
> There is something a bit wrong-headed about the existing clock
> structure. It records information as a type that is convenient for
> the low-level timer (as an int, long, or double), although the user
> invariably wants the time period in seconds.  There are outstanding
> bug reports to this effect.
> Accordingly, I propose to add the following functions to the Timer
> API:


This looks very good.  I could imagine that one additionally wants a 
function that reports the granularity of the timer.

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