[Developers] Update on release plans

Tom Goodale goodale at cct.lsu.edu
Wed Aug 18 11:38:29 CDT 2004


I was hoping to get the next beta release out this week, however I would 
like to get the new global reduction stuff in, and update to use the new 
configuration.ccl mechanism for supporting HDF5, PETSc and pthreads, and 
there are still some issues to work out, so expect 4.0 beta 15 sometime 
next week.

The current release schedule is

4.0 beta 15  - week of August    23rd
4.0 beta 16  - week of September 27th
4.0 RC 1     - week of October   18th
4.0 Final    - November

4.0 beta 16 will finish splitting the coordinates and symmetries, 
introducing a reflection symmetry thorn, and hopefully rotating symmetry 
thorns if some final tweaks to the hyperslabbing interface get done;  it 
will also introduce private inheritance for implementations.

Between beta 16 and the release candidate, we will concentrate on 
bug-stomping and improving the documentation.

As ever, this schedule is subject to slipage, but these are my best 
estimates at the moment.



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