[Developers] Re: [Cactusbase-cvs] DEVELOPMENT CVS "CactusBase/SymBase interface.ccl"

Jonathan Thornburg jthorn at aei.mpg.de
Thu Aug 19 03:45:38 CDT 2004

# Removing comments or blank string after continuation line marker.
# The continuation MUST be the last character before the linebreak.

> This rule -- which probably existed for a long time, but is only checked 
> since recently -- makes it more difficult to put comments on individual 
> arguments of aliased functions, as in
> CCTK_INT FUNCTION                                  \
>     SymmetryRegisterGrid                           \
>         (CCTK_POINTER IN cctkGH,                   \
>          CCTK_INT IN sym_handle,                   \
>          CCTK_INT IN ARRAY which_faces,            \ # array [N_FACES]
>          CCTK_INT IN ARRAY symmetry_zone_width)      # array [N_FACES]
> (this is nicely formatted with a fixed width font).  Note illegal but 
> nonetheless useful the comment after which_faces.
> Does anybody have a suggestion how the current syntax could be extended 
> in a consistent way to allow for comments in this place?

C-style /* comments */ (which could go before the backslash)?

Or borrow a leaf from perl, which doesn't need the \ here?


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