[Developers] Re: [CactusMaint] fortran PROVIDES FUNCTION example?

Jonathan Thornburg jthorn at aei.mpg.de
Fri Jan 16 11:00:17 CST 2004

Hi, Mark,

> In trying to get my code ported to the latest-greatest development
> version (I have not updated by development version of cactus
> since sometime last fall), I find that thorn dependancies have been
> tightened in some way.  If I have a fortran routine in thornA which
> I try to call in thornB, I get an undefined reference at link time.
> I assume that one has to use the PROVIDES FUNCTION capabilities?
> Is this correct?  Is there any example in cactus-proper of providing
> fortran functions?  I can't seem to find any.  Or is there some
> other preferred mechanism/example of how one can provide fortran
> functions between thorns?

This isn't quite what you asked for, but AEIThorns/AHFinderDirect
has some PROVIDES FUNCTION declarations in its interface.ccl.
But it's in C (actually C++, but Cactus doesn't know that).

The latest version of Michael Koppitz's AEIDevelopment/Dist uses
these functions, but I don't know if he's committed that yet, nor does
it necessarily work correctly yet. :)
The syntax in the *.ccl files should be ok, though...

Ian Hawke is the real expert on all this, hopefully he can give
you a better answer...


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