[Developers] CactusBase/CoordBase/src/CoordBase.h error codes

Jonathan Thornburg jthorn at aei.mpg.de
Tue Jan 20 03:31:33 CST 2004

Hi, Erik,

On Mon, 19 Jan 2004, Erik Schnetter wrote:
> Update of /cactusdevcvs/CactusBase/CoordBase/doc
> In directory cvsserv:/tmp/cvs-serv1868/arrangements/CactusBase/CoordBase/doc
> Modified Files:
> 	documentation.tex 
> Added Files:
> 	domain-external-shiftout.eps domain-external-shiftout.fig 
> 	domain-external-staggered.eps domain-external-staggered.fig 
> 	domain-external.eps domain-external.fig 
> 	domain-internal-staggered.eps domain-internal-staggered.fig 
> 	domain-internal.eps domain-internal.fig domain.eps domain.fig 
> Log Message:
> Provide a coordinate-thorn and symmetry-thorn independent way of
> specifying the shape of the physical domain and the location of the
> boundary points.  The advantage of that is that it is now much easier
> to change the resolution.

This looks great!

One small suggestion...  I think it would be very useful to make the
  CoordBase.h  error codes distinct from the other Cactus Error codes
defined by the flesh, eg the ones in
  src/include/util_ErrorCodes.h		-1 to -99
  src/include/util_Table.h		-101 to -199
  src/include/cctk_Interp.h		-1001 to -1099

(Yes, I know, many older parts of Cactus don't use distinct ranges
for their error codes.  Fixing them would be a bit of work... but
I think we should at least use distinct ranges for new code like this.)

I suggest the range -200 to -299.  Comments?


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