[Developers] fortran PROVIDES FUNCTION example?

Erik Schnetter schnetter at uni-tuebingen.de
Wed Jan 21 15:39:07 CST 2004

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On Wednesday 21 January 2004 22:29, Mark Miller wrote:
> Hi Erik,
> On Wed, 21 Jan 2004, Erik Schnetter wrote:
> > Direct calling between thorns is deprecated; try to use aliased
> > functions for that.
> Right.  I've been aliasing all of my inter-thorn function calls.
> However, with the CactusEOS thorns, there are arguments like
> int EOS_RegisterMethod(const char *name)
> It is not clear to me that Cactus supports strings/chararrays/Fortran
> with aliased functions.  Is there an example where this is done?

I don't know of any.  But it looks as if strings were okay if they come 
last in the list of arguments.  Try the type STRING or CCTK_STRING.

> > If you must, you can create a file "configuration.ccl" in the thorn
> > A directory with an entry
> > which will force thorn B's library to be located after thorn A's,
> > removing the linker error.
> This is a fix, but a temporary one, right?  Or is this functionality
> here to stay?

I guess that the functionality itself will stay around one way or 
another.  Tom Goodale assures us that this temporary fix will go away.

- -erik

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