[Developers] fortran PROVIDES FUNCTION example?

Erik Schnetter schnetter at uni-tuebingen.de
Thu Jan 22 03:57:52 CST 2004

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On Thursday 22 January 2004 10:27, Ian Hawke wrote:
> On Wed, 21 Jan 2004, Mark Miller wrote:
> > Right.  I've been aliasing all of my inter-thorn function calls.
> > However, with the CactusEOS thorns, there are arguments like
> As an aside that I forgot to put in the last mail, note that aliased
> functions are a pretty indirect (hence slow). The range is from (I
> believe) two levels of indirection (for, e.g., direct Fortran to
> Fortran simple calls) up to five or six (cross language with cross
> language function pointers and strings). I haven't used function
> aliasing for CactusEOS as I didn't want to pay the overhead. Equally,
> I haven't measured it so I don't know how expensive it might be.

As a rule of thumb, everything that is done per grid point (in a loop 
over grid points) should be a direct interaction between you and the 
compiler.  Invoking Cactus (as in: using CCTK_EQUALS, calling 
CCTK_IsThornActive, etc.) is best avoided.  I've measured overheads of 
about 25% of the total run time in these cases.  Which means, on the 
other hand, if you have never run a profiler on your code, you should 
not worry at all, because it is not orders of magnitude.

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