[Developers] Fortran 90 bindings for CCTK functions

Tom Goodale goodale at cct.lsu.edu
Tue Jan 27 17:14:24 CST 2004


This stuff seems to have caused certain stability problems, so, in the
interest of speeding up the release cycle, and to help some other stuff,
I'd like to make a new thorn


and move this stuff there.  Eventually this thorn should contain all the
support for F90, and we'll have, as mentioned in previous mails, CXX,
Perl, Python, Java, Lisp, F77, ...

Can anyone see a problem, or suggest a better name for the arrangement ?


On Mon, 19 Jan 2004, Erik Schnetter wrote:

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> I will commit these bindings in a few mintues.  Please note that you
> will need to re-run the configuration stage on your applications.  This
> is so that the inter-module dependencies are correctly created.
> -erik
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