[Developers] more general interpolator parameters for IDAxiBrillBH

Jonathan Thornburg jthorn at aei.mpg.de
Fri Apr 1 08:43:33 CST 2005


CactusEinstein/IDAxiBrillBH needs to do (processor-local) interpolation.

Right now it has a single integer parameter for the order
    INT interpolation_order "Order for interpolation" STEERABLE = ALWAYS
      1:3 :: "Choose between first, second, and third-order"
    } 1
and it hard-wires the interpolation operator name as "uniform cartesian".

I would like to improve this in a two ways:

First, I would like to add a string parameter to let the interpolation
operator name be specified.  This could default to the current behavior.
I presume noone will object to this.

Second, I would like to replace the integer parameter for the order,
with a string parameter for interpolation parameters.  This would
allow the specification of other interpolator options as well as the
order, but would require (slightly) changing existing par files, eg
    IDAxiBrillBH::order = 2
would change to
    IDAxiBrillBH::interpolation_pars = "order=2"
What do people think about this change?


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