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Here is a set of guidelines circulated in June 2003 concerning
commit policies.

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Subject: Committing to /cactusdevcvs ...

As promised or threatened, here are the abridged guidelines from me, Tom 
and Thomas which we try to follow when developing core cactus stuff. It 
would be good if you could mail me back to say that you have read these 
or that you have an issue with something there. 

(BTW we scrapped the idea of a quick 4.0 release this week that I think I 
hinted in the last mail since we need to rework LocalInterp first)




Quick guide for commiting fixes/features to the Flesh and/or core Thorns
in the development cvs.cactuscode.org:/cactusdevcvs repository.

(core thorns are CactusBase, CactusBench, CactusConnect, CactusEinstein,
CactusElliptic, CactusExamples, CactusExternal, CactusIO, CactusPUGH, 
CactusPUGHIO, CactusTest, CactusUtils, CactusWave)

- Before starting your changes to the Flesh and/or core Thorns send an 
  email to e.g. developers at cactuscode.org, flesh at cactuscode.org or
  cactusmaint at cactuscode.org as appropropriate outlining what you are
  planning to do. If it is a largish thing send a initial spec for it at 
  the same time or as you start working on it.

- It is assumed that if you add something you will then be the primary
  person responsible for providing any needed bug fixes and or fielding 
  feature requests.

- Note that where possible functionality should be implemented in thorns, 
  avoiding APIs, features, parameters etc to the Flesh.

- If you add a change which will require users to rebuild their cactus
  configurations touch the file lib/make/force-rebuild and commit it.

- If you add a change which will require users to reconfigure their
  cactus configurations send a mail to developers at cactuscode.org to 
  inform people of this fact. (In principle all people using the 
  development version should be on this list). If you make a major
  or interesting change it is also good to email developers.

- Read and respect where possible the Maintainers Guide. In particular
    o always use standards (e.g. strictly ANSI C, posix and as strict as 
      makes sense F77/F90)
    o code in the same style as the existing source code
    o don't change parameters, function names or functionality without
      discussing first on mailing lists
    o be very confident that all the testsuites for all the core Thorns
      will still pass w/wo MPI on all the major architectures (even if you
      think you are just changing a comment at least run the testsuites
      for a good set of thorns on a machine)
    o make at most one feature change in each commit to make changes easy 
      to track (and try to keep cosmetic changes separate from functional 
    o give a descriptive commit message and remember that this is seen 
      publicly and archived
    o add or update grdoc in the source code
    o add and/or update documentation (Users Guide, FAQ, etc)
      [if the change is experimental and not for general use then
       don't add to the main documentation but document elsewhere]

- Update open bug reports or feature requests in the GNATs database
  if they are affected by these changes. 

- All additions to Flesh and core Thorns are with the distribution 
  license already documented in those places (with the current exception 
  of parts of CactusBase/LocalInterp and CactusTest/TestInterp)

- Copyright is with code authors



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