[Developers] patch for fallback in CactusBase/IOUtils

Erik Schnetter schnetter at aei.mpg.de
Wed Apr 20 02:25:54 CDT 2005

On Tuesday 19 April 2005 11:20, Frank Loeffler wrote:
> Hi,
> I wrote a small patch which changes the default behaviour of IOUtils
> (1D and 2D output) in the case that the specified slices (default to
> the axes/axes planes) are not within the computational domain.
> The current behaiviour is to take index 0 in that direction.
> This patch changes this to the index of the center of the box in this
> direction. This can be changed back to the old behaviour using
> parameters for 1D and 2D output. (out_[12d]_fallback_method)
> Before I ask to include this patch in Cactus I want to know your
> opinions about it:
> 1) Do you care about this at all? (It is only changing the fallback.)

Yes, we do; this would be a good thing.

> 2) What do you prefer for default:
>    a. the old behaviour (zero)
>    b. the new behaviour (center)

The best thing would be to find out whether there are any symmetries.  
If so, use the lower boundary, if not, use the centre.  Since this is 
complicated, and since symmetries are unlikely when the lower boundary 
is not at zero, I would prefer the centre.

> 3) Are there any things that I missed? (coding style, bugs ect.)

Patches recorded with "diff -u" are easier to read, and are more robust 
in case something unrelated in the same file also changed.

I haven't tested the patch yet.


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