[Developers] why use symlinks in arrangements directory (was: Re: symlinks ...)

Erik Schnetter schnetter at aei.mpg.de
Thu Apr 21 09:15:09 CDT 2005

On Thursday 21 April 2005 15:56, Jonathan Thornburg wrote:
> Hi, Gabrielle,
> [[Gabrielle asked this question in private E-mail, but I think my
> answer might be of wider interest, so I'm cc-ing my reply to the
> whole mailing list.]]
> > Out of curiosity ... why are you [[...]] using symlinks in the
> > arrangements directory?
> I am using symlinks both in my arrangements directory and also one
> level lower down, for thorns.


> As you can see, I am currently compiling things with the
> darcs-stable2 version, but by changing the symlinks a bit I can
> compile with any other version.

You don't want to change symlinks around.  Try instead:

Check out the different Carpet arrangements into locations outside the 
arrangements hierarchy.  Then create symlinks from the arrangements 
directory to these arrangement, but change the names.  My arrangements 
directory looks like

Carpet -> ../carpet/Carpet
CarpetAttic -> ../carpet/CarpetAttic
CarpetDev -> ../carpet/CarpetDev
CarpetExtra -> ../carpet/CarpetExtra
CarpetStable -> ../carpet-stable/Carpet
CarpetStable2 -> ../carpet-stable-2/Carpet
CarpetStable2Attic -> ../carpet-stable-2/CarpetAttic
CarpetStable2Dev -> ../carpet-stable-2/CarpetDev
CarpetStable2Extra -> ../carpet-stable-2/CarpetExtra
CarpetStableAttic -> ../carpet-stable/CarpetAttic
CarpetStableDev -> ../carpet-stable/CarpetDev
CarpetStableExtra -> ../carpet-stable/CarpetExtra

This way, the ThornList documents which version of Carpet I use.  
Instead of changing symlinks I change the ThornList.


PS: This is not Carpet specific; the same is necessary for Kranc.

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