[Developers] how to cross-reference between Reference Manual & Users' Guide

Jonathan Thornburg jthorn at aei.mpg.de
Fri Apr 22 10:38:52 CDT 2005


As my Good Deed For The Day :), I've just committed some documentation
of the schedule.ccl syntax for scheduling something before/after
multiple other things ('schedule FOO before (A B C)' or
'schedule FOO before A before B before C').

The problem is, this needs to be described in two places:
(i)  Chapter B6 "Scheduling" of the Users' Guide
(ii) Chapter E2 "Configuration file syntax" of the Users' Guide,
      which also appears as chapter C2 of the Reference Manual
      (and maybe also in the Maintainer's Guide, but that's not relevant here).

I wrote a full explanation for (i).  Rather than duplicate this,
I wrote only an abbreviated explanation for (ii), along with the
    See section~\ref{chap:scheduling}
    (``Scheduling'') in the Cactus Users' Guide for more information
    about {\tt BEFORE/AFTER} clauses.

This works fine in the Users' Guide, but in the Reference Manual
the latex \label tag  chap:scheduling  is undefined.  I put in the section
title ``Scheduling'' to help the reader, but that's a bit of a kludge.

So, my question is...

Do we have some mechanism for defining Users' Guide latex \label tags
in the Reference Manual, or vice versa, to allow seamless cross-references?

If not, should we?


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