[Developers] patches to lib/sbin and lib/make

Erik Schnetter schnetter at aei.mpg.de
Fri Apr 29 05:21:24 CDT 2005

On Tuesday 19 April 2005 23:28, Yaakoub wrote:
> Greetings
> The following patches fix a lot of bug reports that will be changed
> once the patch is confirmed and applied.
> New configuration.ccl parsing and bindings are implemented.
> Cyclic dependencies for configuration (require) and cyclic
> dependencies for interface(inherits) are now detected and displayed,
> eg:
> CST error 1:
>    -> Found a cyclic dependancy in configuration
> requirements:RINGO->PAUL->RINGO
> Inheritance now is included in the topological sorting for the
> linklist.
> Interface checking is now more powerful, detecting identical
> variable/group names from inheritance.
> Please confirm and apply.

I have looked at the patches.  Please excuse the delay.

A general comment: It is difficult to look at patches that are not in
the unified format.  Please use "cvs diff -u" to create patches.  It is
also a good idea to accompany each patch with a message what it does;
this message would go later into the CVS commit command.

Here are some detailed comments.  They are all minor, such as typos in
comments.  Could you correct these and then apply these changes?  You
should get CVS commit permissions anyway.

Please change the CST errors for identical group names or conflicting
group and variable names to warnings only.  This patch breaks FlexBSSN,
and we should give developers time to adapt their code.  Variable name
clashes should stay errors.

The routine find_dep_cycles contains the comment "REQUIRES THE".  This
sentence seems incomplete.  The routine recurse_deps contains the
string "JBA" in comments.  Please explain what it means or remove it.

The patch to change the library link list is not necessary.  Please do
not apply it.

Your cyclic dependency checking has a typo in a message; it says
"dependancy" instead of "dependency".

I don't know what the configuration bindings patch does.  If it only
creates a header file "cctki_Capabilities.h", then the patch is fine.
If it does more complicated things, then I don't understand the patch

Thank you for your work.  It is good to see some development that makes
Cactus more user friendly.


Erik Schnetter <schnetter at aei.mpg.de>  

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