[Developers] Tracking patches on a web page

Erik Schnetter schnetter at aei.mpg.de
Thu Aug 25 11:07:12 CDT 2005

Should we track patches to Cactus on a web page?  With a system like 
plone that should be rather easy.  One would have e.g. folder "patches 
under review", and for each patch the submitter create a new page with 
the patch description, linking to the patch, which is uploaded.  
Discussion happens on the mailing list, but concrete suggestions or 
proposals for how to do things are developed on this page.  This way it 
becomes immediately clear how many patches are outstanding and what 
their status is, and what other developers think about this patch.

Patches submitted by outsiders would be put onto such a page by one of 
the core team members.


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