[Developers] PUGH interface changed

Erik Schnetter schnetter at cct.lsu.edu
Mon Dec 19 05:13:11 CST 2005

A recent change to PUGH changed its interface.  It is now  
incompatible with Carpet, so that both cannot be compiled at the same  
time any more.  Can we correct this, or revert this patch until we  
have discussed why this change is necessary?

The error message is:

CST error 1:
   -> Thorns: Carpet PUGH provide the same implementation but have  
different restricted parameters

This is probably due to the parameters in PUGH:

# Processor topology


KEYWORD physical2logical "Physical process to logical process mapping  
method to use" STEERABLE = RECOVER
   "direct"  :: "Maps MPI IDs directly to IJKs"
   "example" :: "Maps MPI IDs directly to IJKs using a lookup table"
} "direct"

KEYWORD processor_topology "How to determine the processor topology"  
   "manual"        :: "Specified by proc_top_nx etc"
   "automatic"     :: "Automatically generated"
   "automatic_old" :: "Automatically generated (old method)"
} "automatic"


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