[Developers] Carpet Status (2005-03-14)

Erik Schnetter schnetter at aei.mpg.de
Mon Mar 14 16:27:52 CST 2005

Carpet status report

The path towards improving Carpet's performance has lead to some 
success.  While some of us conjectured that Carpet sends many more MPI 
messages than PUGH and that that might be the reason why it is slower, 
Thomas Radke provided a patch that decreased only the number of 
messages that are outstanding at any given time, without reducing the 
overall number of messages.  This seems to improve performance somewhat 
(except on fast ethernet), and it also seems to make Carpet much more 

The old stable version of Carpet has been around for some time, and as 
people want to try out some of the newer features and changes, we 
decided to start a new stable version.  This version will see some 
testing, and once it seems to work, people can use it in production 
runs.  It is available via darcs, anonymously from
 darcs get http://www.carpetcode.org/~darcs/carpet-stable-2
or through ssh from
 darcs get darcs at cvs.carpetcode.org:/home/darcs/carpet-stable-2
The old stable version of Carpet will stay around.


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