[Developers] Testing for CCTK_COMPLEX8

Erik Schnetter schnetter at cct.lsu.edu
Tue Oct 4 20:37:50 CDT 2005


I noticed that you check whether the datatype CCTK_COMPLEX8 is  
available by using "#ifdef CCTK_COMPLEX8".  This does not work,  
because CCTK_COMPLEX8 is a C type, not a C macro.  You need to test  
the macro HAVE_CCTK_COMPLEX8 instead.  (Previously, one had to test  
whether CCTK_REAL4 is defined, and if so, CCTK_COMPLEX8 would also  

This is, in principle, true for the other datatypes as well  
(CCTK_INT4, CCTK_REAL4 etc.), but for these it does not matter,  
because there is both: there is a macro HAVE_CCTK_REAL4, and  
CCTK_REAL4 is defined as a macro, not a C type.

Look at the file cctk_Types.h; this file declares and defines the  
various types and macros.  As they are, the local reduction  
operations support only the default complex datatype.


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