[Developers] Re: [Patches] More cpp checking in thorn TestMacros

Tom Goodale goodale at cct.lsu.edu
Thu Oct 13 07:02:32 CDT 2005


if you are the author of a thorn in AlphaThorns, you don't need to send 
patches.  Discussion of what's going in is good so that there are no 
surprises when it is considered for inclusion in the main distribution, 
'though 8-)



On Fri, 7 Oct 2005, Erik Schnetter wrote:

> Test additional Fortran features whether they work with the cpp.  In 
> particular, add tests for
> (1) string concatenation in Fortran
> (2) quotes in strings
> (3) dots around operators
> (4) macros on lines with labels
> (5) old-style do loops in fixed form source code
> Except for (5), I've seen code like this in Cactus in various physics thorns.
> Quotes in comments are not yet tested.  If traditional cpps have problems 
> with empty macro arguments, we can disable this test.
> -erik

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