[Developers] check if a parameter is set more than once in the parfile

Thomas Radke tradke at aei.mpg.de
Tue Oct 18 03:36:45 CDT 2005

The attached patch checks if there is more than one assignment to a 
parameter in the parfile and will print a warning with line number 
information in such a case. It checks both for multiple parameter 
assignments of the same or a different value.
Depending on the parameter checking level (as set via the command line 
option '-parameter-level {strict|normal|relaxed}') the flesh will also 
abort the run after printing the warning in the following two cases:

  * the parameter level is "normal" (which is the default) or "strict"
    and there are multiple assignments of different values

  * the parameter level is "strict" and there are multiple assignments
    of the same value

Cheers, Thomas.

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