[Developers] LORENE thorn changes

Steve White steve.white at aei.mpg.de
Wed Oct 19 07:29:48 CDT 2005


I would like to make some changes to the LORENE thorn, toward making its
installation more transparent.  They are meant to improve

	1) the error message that appears when LORENE isn't found
	2) the search path 
	3) documentation
	4) spelling of LORENE

I have a question: Is there a reason why we don't use environment variables 
such as
	$HOME_LORENE (suggested by LORENE documentation)
	$LORENE_HOME (as used on SuperMike)
in the default search paths for software?  It would make Cactus work more
automatically with 'softenv' setups such as on SuperMike, and also with
many users' home setups.

                         Details of changes

1) Error message: change
	'Unable to locate the Lorene directory - please set LORENE_DIR'
	'Thorn LORENE requires an external installation of LORENE.  ' .
	'Please set LORENE_DIR to the main directory of this installation ' .
	'or remove LORENE from the configuration ThornList.'

2) The current default search path for LORENE is
	'/usr /usr/local /usr/local/lorene /usr/local/packages/lorene /usr/local/apps/lorene'
   in which is searched for
   This could be improved.

   a) For LORENE, there is no standared install mechanism, so
	 /usr /usr/local
      don't make sense to search.
   b) The documented and CVS LORENE directories are spelled as 'Lorene'
   c) The modern place to put this kind of non-integrated package is /opt.
   d) Include environment variables $HOME_LORENE and $LORENE_HOME, 

3) I would like to add a little explanation to the thorn documenation.
   So far, I have

	The LORENE thorn provides Cactus with the capabilities of the LORENE
        library ( \textbf{L}angage \textbf{O}bjet pour la \textbf{RE}lativit\'e
	\textbf{N}um\'eriqu\textbf{E} --
	see \url{http://www.lorene.obspm.fr/}), developed in the
	Meudon section of the Paris Observatory.

4) LORENE is always spelled in all capitals in its documentation. 
   I would make the messages from the thorn to reflect that.

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