[Developers] Re: [Patches] Known architecture file for Darwin 8.2.0

Tom Goodale goodale at cct.lsu.edu
Mon Oct 24 05:23:49 CDT 2005

I haven't heard any complaints about this, so assume either people aren't 
interested or are happy 8-)  Please apply, but don't just set the fortran 
compiler to gfortran without checking that it is there first, e.g. by 
doings a 'which gfortran'.



On Fri, 7 Oct 2005, Erik Schnetter wrote:

> Make Cactus configure automatically correctly on Darwin 8.2.0.  This 
> architecture is very similar to 8.1.0, but there are a few crucial changes:
> (1) Add the compiler flag "-mlongcall" for GCC.  This is necessary for 
> executables larger than 32 MB; otherwise there is a linker error.
> (2) Support gfortran.
> (3) Determine the GCC compiler versions differently -- the existing flag 
> "-version" did not work for me, I think it has to be "--version" instead.
> (4) Do not look for "/usr/lib/gcc/darwin/3.3" when deciding for the CPP, 
> instead look at whether the compiler is GCC.
> I don't know what the option "-no-cpp-precomp" is about, but I left it in.  I 
> don't need it, but maybe other people do.
> These changes concern all Darwin architectures.  If there are other Darwin 
> users, they should test this patch, as it may potentially break their system.
> -erik

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