[Developers] what datatype to use in inter-language APIs (was: Re: [Patches] more efficient synchronisation of groups)

Erik Schnetter schnetter at cct.lsu.edu
Tue Jul 4 15:47:13 CDT 2006

On Jul 4, 2006, at 04:42:21, Tom Goodale wrote:

> On Mon, 3 Jul 2006, Erik Schnetter wrote:
>> Given the current ambiguities with some functions using int,  
>> others using
>> CCTK_INT, I don't know what is best.  I seem to be advocating  
>> using int
>> instead of CCTK_INT, but I really only want to point out some of the
>> problems.  I don't know what the best solution would be.
> The best solution is to use CCTK_INT.  We've gotten away with being  
> lazy
> in the past because not many Fortran thorns use flesh functions  
> beyond the
> interpolation and reduction APIs which do take CCTK_INTs.  This is the
> main reason why the aliased functions use CCTK_INT rather than  
> plain ints.
> As far as current and forward planning are concerned, let's make  
> sure that
> whenever we put something new in that it uses CCTK datatypes.  I like
> Thomas' idea to use plain ints for scalars (once we have size  
> detection
> and type equivalents), but as Erik points out it can lead to  
> confusion if
> the user stores the data in a CCTK_INT array.

You make a suggestion in this paragraph, and then add a "but".  What  
is your overall suggestion then?

If we go down this road, what should happen to the reduction API?


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