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David Rideout dprideout at gmail.com
Fri Jul 14 13:39:34 CDT 2006

Well surely it makes no sense to demand small absolute errors for large
numbers.  Does this mean that in practice few people use large numbers in

I recall a long discussion about this, around Jan. 2002.  Perhaps no
agreement was reached...

Your proposal seems reasonable to me.  It seems to behave well both near
zero and near infinity.


On 7/13/06, Erik Schnetter <schnetter at cct.lsu.edu > wrote:
> The Cactus test suites check for differences using both the absolute
> and the relative differences.  A test is marked as failing if either
> of the differences is too large.  There was one case where the
> relative error was 1e-15, but the absolute error 1e-12 (since the
> value itself was about 1000), and thus the test was marked as
> failing.  However, things don't get much better than a relative
> difference of 1e-15.
> I suggest to change the criteria from "either" to "both".  That is, a
> test would fail only if both the absolute and relative differences
> are too large.
> Comments?
> -erik
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