[Developers] Nightly build tests

Werner Benger benger at zib.de
Thu Jul 27 07:39:44 CDT 2006


  für Amira verwenden sie seit ein paar Jahren auch ein ähnliches System
von nightly builds mit Statistikwebseiten. Ich kann Dir die Webseiten
zeigen sobald ich wieder in BTR bin (sind nicht öffentlich); hast Du
Interesse in Kontakt mit den entsprechenden Entwicklern zu kommen?


On Wed, 26 Jul 2006 14:06:57 +0200, Erik Schnetter <schnetter at cct.lsu.edu> wrote:

> We discussed nightly Cactus build tests some time ago.  I run such
> tests for our numerical relativity group.  The tests check out
> Cactus, Carpet, and our relativity thorns from scratch, build it, and
> run all test cases.
> Results are available on the machines catbert.cct.lsu.edu in the
> file /home/eschnett/nightly-cactus-builds/out-catbert.html and on
> peyote.aei.mpg.de in the file /data1/eschnett/nightly-cactus-builds/
> out-peyote.aei.mpg.de.html.  Since the tests test thorns that are not
> public, the test results are also not public.  I attach an
> abbreviated version of today's results from Peyote as example.
> I will be happy to share the setup, scripts, mechanisms, and my
> experience with others who want to set up a similar system.  Obvious
> extensions include keeping statistics of failing test cases or
> thorns, alerting thorn maintainers or CVS committers automatically,
> making the results available via http on protected web pages, or
> providing links to thorn descriptions, documentation, download
> instructions, and bug tracking systems.
> -erik

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