[Developers] New local reduction operators

Yaakoub El Khamra yye00 at cct.lsu.edu
Mon Mar 6 14:32:24 CST 2006

Hi Erik
I tried compiling your code, I had to move wrapper.c and kernel.c to get 
some files to compile but ran into a problem:
In function `localreduce_max_real4_init':
error: `HUGE_VALF' undeclared (first use in this function)
I am still looking at it (partially at least). If you have a quickfix 
please let me know.


Erik Schnetter wrote:

> I placed an auto-generated version of the local reduction operators  
> into AlphaThorns/LocalReduce.  The code compiles, and is almost  
> feature complete.  What is missing are parts of the API to connect it  
> to a global reduction operator -- LocalReduce has to specify what  
> kind of MPI reduction to apply etc., and this isn't yet done.  The  
> documentation for extending this and for running the auto-generator  
> is also not yet there, and I didn't put in the grdoc headers yet.   
> (This is best done last...)
> I'm also not quite sure I got all the details of the API correct,  
> since I somehow don't actually have a reduction API specification.  I  
> also didn't find it on the Cactus web pages.  I would appreciate it  
> if someone could send one around (preferably including Tom's  
> update).  I've partially worked from Jonathan's interpolation API  
> specification instead -- that's very well written; thank you, Jonathan.
> I'll be on a vacation for two weeks.  If someone wants to take over  
> in the mean time I would not mind.  However, it won't be much work  
> for me to finish it once I know the final API.
> -erik
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