[Developers] Re: [Alphathorns-cvs] DEVELOPMENT CVS "AlphaThorns/LocalReduce/src/types generic_int.h"

Thomas Radke tradke at aei.mpg.de
Thu Mar 9 11:56:09 CST 2006

Erik Schnetter wrote:
>>> If your compiler supports the type long long, then it should also   
>>> have LLONG_MAX defined.  What compiler version is this?  It may be  
>>> a  bug in that version, in which case we may want to say that near  
>>> the  code, so that people don't wonder two years from now why this  
>>> code is  necessary.
>> It's Intel C 9.0 build 20050430Z on my laptop and Intel C 9.0 build  
>> 20051020Z on Peyote. On the Altix (Intel C 9.0 build 20060223) and  
>> the IBM SP5 it is defined.
>> What shall we do ?
> I'd suggest to keep the current code as a work-around for a compiler  
> bug, but add a comment saying which bug this is.

Okay. You want to say that and commit it ?

Cheers, Thomas.

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