[Developers] [Patches] Make ADMConstraints GF public

Luca Baiotti baiotti at aei.mpg.de
Wed Sep 6 09:08:17 CDT 2006

Hi Steve,

> On what machine did you run the tests?


>>formally fails with and without this patch, but the relative difference 
>>in the three "wrong" points is at most 3.38130743533453e-15 and so I 
>>would consider the results good. Erik, does this happens to you as well? 
>>If so, could the updated testsuite comparison data file (ham_sum.xg) 
>>also be updated in the repository?
> This is similar to what I saw.  The results with the patch appeared in
> some sense to be better.  It was disturbing that they were otherwise 
> different.

The above difference I would not consider an error.



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