[Developers] Cactus RDF: URIs

Dylan Stark dylan.stark at gmail.com
Thu Sep 7 11:03:11 CDT 2006


  I would like to find out what a good naming convention would be for
giving URIs to the different entities we will be collecting the
metadata on, such as thorns and parameters. I know that in the RDF we
can talk about the concept of "a thorn with a name", but it could be
beneficial to have a URI for that concept. An example might be


The statement "ParameterFile activates <http://.../WaveToy>" would be
equivalent to "ParameterFile activates the Thorn with name 'WaveToy'.
Does anyone have a strong feeling about this? One benefit could be
that the URL http://.../WaveToy could actually serve up RDF saying
that it is a Thorn with name 'WaveToy', which would allow the
maintainers of the cactuscode.org domain to provide an "authoritative"
set of metadata for the concept of the thorn WaveToy. While parameter
metadata could/would be kept with a thorn's RDF, it might be useful to
also have an identifier for them. A corresponding example might be
http://.../WaveToy/parameter/bound or http://.../WaveToy/bound. The
second one has succinctness, but the first is a more extensible use of
the URI-space.
  Does anyone have any strong opinions either way?


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