[Developers] Announce API spec

Thomas Radke tradke at aei.mpg.de
Fri Sep 15 09:59:58 CDT 2006


this is a revised version of the Announce API spec that I had posted to 
this list a week ago. Based on developers' feedback (thanks David, Erik, 
Tom, Jonathan!) I made the following changes:

  * fixed typos in the argument datatypes for Announce user and registry
    API routines
  * added a cctkGH pointer argument to the Announce user API routines as
    an optional hint to registered callback routines
  * more clearly defined the level argument in the Announce user API to
    specify a level of importance for the metadata to be announced,
    with a fixed set of predefined constants for different levels
    (taken as a subset from syslog(3))

Concerning the choice of a name for a thorn implementing the Announce 
API spec I haven't come to a final decision yet. It will not be named 
thorn "Announce" though, to avoid conflicts with an already existing 
thorn of that name. However, I still might want to name the individual 
Announce API functions "AnnounceXXX".

Cheers, Thomas.
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