[Developers] automatic notification of parameter steering requests

hughwang at cct.lsu.edu hughwang at cct.lsu.edu
Mon Sep 18 10:34:33 CDT 2006

    I am new to Cactuscode, so.....
    Better if this function could also switch the parameter between a  
variable and a constant. In computational biology, we intend to put  
some nuisance parameters. Switching these parameters to constants will  
save a lot computing if their corresponding likelihood surfaces are  
found to be flat.


Quoting Thomas Radke <tradke at aei.mpg.de>:

> Hi,
> making a parameter steerable during runtime currently requires a thorn
> writer to add extra logic to the code which periodically checks if the
> parameter has changed, and takes appropriate action in that case. It
> would be good if interested thorns could be notified automatically when
> a parameter gets steered.
> I propose to add a new flesh function CCTK_ParameterSetNotify() to let
> thorns register a callback function which in turn is automatically
> invoked by CCTK_ParameterSet() whenever a parameter is being steered.
> Each callback function gets passed the triple of thorn name, parameter
> name, and (stringified) new parameter value as passed to
> CCTK_ParameterSet(), plus an optional callback data pointer defined by
> the user at registration time. When a callback function is registered
> with CCTK_ParameterSetNotify(), the calling routine may also pass an
> optional regular expression string for both a thorn name and a parameter
> name to match against in a parameter set notification; leave them empty
> or pass a NULL pointer to get notified about changes of _any_ parameter.
> Registered notification callbacks would be invoked by
> CCTK_ParameterSet() only _after_ initial parameter setup from the
> parfile, and - in case of recovery - only _after_ all parameters have
> been restored from the checkpoint file. The callbacks are then invoked
> just _before_ the parameter is set to its new value so that they can
> still query its old value if necessary.
> The C prototype would look like this:
>    int CCTK_ParameterSetNotify (void (callback) (CCTK_POINTER cb_data,
>                                                  CCTK_STRING  thorn,
>                                                  CCTK_STRING  parameter,
>                                                  CCTK_STRING  new_value),
>                                 CCTK_POINTER cb_data,
>                                 CCTK_STRING  thorn_regex,
>                                 CCTK_STRING  parameter_regex);
> Comments, suggestions ?
> --
> Cheers, Thomas.
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