[Developers] automatic notification of parameter steering requests

Thomas Radke tradke at aei.mpg.de
Mon Sep 18 10:44:52 CDT 2006

hughwang at cct.lsu.edu wrote:
> All,
>     I am new to Cactuscode, so.....
>     Better if this function could also switch the parameter between a  
> variable and a constant. In computational biology, we intend to put  
> some nuisance parameters. Switching these parameters to constants will  
> save a lot computing if their corresponding likelihood surfaces are  
> found to be flat.
> Wishes,
> Hugh
> Quoting Thomas Radke <tradke at aei.mpg.de>:
>>making a parameter steerable during runtime currently requires a thorn

Hi Hugh,

sorry, my first sentence was probably misleading, it should have said 
"defining a dynamically steerable parameter currently requires a thorn...".

Cactus distinguishes between steerable and non-steerable parameters (see 
Then the latter is what you'd want, I guess.

Cheers, Thomas.

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