[Developers] inconsistent mask scheduling

Erik Schnetter schnetter at cct.lsu.edu
Wed Sep 20 14:09:38 CDT 2006

On Sep 20, 2006, at 13:49:38, Bela Szilagyi wrote:

> I believe that the scheduling of mask-related functions in
> CactusEinstein/SpaceMask
> is inconsistent with the ones in
> AEIThorns/AHFinderDirect.
> Take, e.g., the items
> schedule AHFinderDirect_maybe_do_masks at CCTK_POSTREGRID \
>    after (MaskOne MaskZero)
>          {
>          lang: C
>          options: global loop-local
>          } "set mask(s) based on apparent horizon position(s)"
> and, correspondingly
>   schedule MaskOne at CCTK_BASEGRID
>   {
>     LANG: C
>   } "Set old style mask to one"
>   schedule MaskZero at CCTK_BASEGRID
>   {
>     LANG: C
>   } "Initialise mask to zero"
> which have no "global loop-local" spec.  By implication, as I  
> understand, the
> SpaceMask routines will not necessarily follow before the  
> AHFinderDirect
> routines.

I am afraid that you are correct.  One solution would be to run the  
global mode routines in the postregrid bin on the finest instead of  
the coarsest grid; this is what happens e.g. in the poststep bin.   
Another solution would be to add an "OPTIONS: global loop-local"  
specifier to the MaskOne and MaskZero routines.  (To the schedule  
specifications for the postregrid bin, not for the basegrid bins as  
you showed.)

Since modifying Carpet requires careful testing, and I don't want to  
ask you to do that locally, I suggest that you try the "options"  
method.  If it solves your problem, we can implement that for everybody.


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