[Developers] [CactusMaint] Cactus/2057: add new flesh functions to register/unregister notify callbacks for parameter set operations

Thomas Radke tradke at aei.mpg.de
Thu Sep 21 04:38:48 CDT 2006

Erik Schnetter wrote:
> On Sep 20, 2006, at 10:38:53, Thomas Radke wrote:
>> The two regex parameters in the registration of a notify callback are
>> optional. If they are given as NULL pointer or an empty string, no
>> regcomp() is done in CCTK_ParameterSet() (this reminds me that I  didn't
>> document it). I thought that this might be useful feature, with no  cost
>> if it isn't used.
>> We can also leave it entirely up to the listener.
> The cost was my main concern.  I retract my objection.


One thing we could improve though: instead of passing in separate regex 
strings for the thorn name and the parameter, we could make it a single 
one. CCTK_ParameterSet() would then need to create a string 
"<thorn>::<parameter>" to be passed into regexec() but we'd save one 
regexec() call.

Cheers, Thomas.

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