[Developers] [CactusMaint] Cactus/2058: Util_snprintf() fails for format string "distance=%d threshold=%g %s"

Jonathan Thornburg jthorn at aei.mpg.de
Thu Sep 21 07:29:19 CDT 2006

hi, Tom,

On Thu, 21 Sep 2006, Tom Goodale wrote:
> > Apache has a clean snprintf() under a BSD license.
> BSD or modified BSD ?
> > Apache 1.* has this in   src/ap/ap_snprintf.c
> > Apache 2.* has it in the Portable Apache Runtime  in strings/apr_snprintf.c
> >
> > I propose we fix "my" bug by copying one of these into the Cactus flesh.
> If the code is suitably licensed, and it compiles everywhere, go ahead.

Apache1 is a pretty standard BSD license -- I think they want a credit
in the (Cactus) documentation, but otherwise it's fine.

The Apache2 license is a whole bunch of legalese that I don't grok. :(
That argues for sticking with the apache1 snprintf.
(I'm not the only person who is put off by the Apache2 license --
OpenBSD has stayed with Apache1 (+ lots of patches) for just that reason.)


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