[Developers] C99

Frank Loeffler frank.loeffler at aei.mpg.de
Fri Sep 22 06:49:54 CDT 2006


 > On 21.09.06, Frank Loeffler wrote:
 >>Is there a way of telling Cactus to use the C99 standard? Or even better
 >>- could we by default enable it, if it is available for a compiler?

Steve White wrote:
> If the compile fails, you tell the user
> what to do about it.

That was exacly my point - what should the user do about it?
He could dig through the documentation of his compiler and change his 
compiler options by hand.
However, it would be nicer to have something like a configuration option 
'C99="yes"' for Cactus to use C99, maybe even turned on by default. Then 
a thorn can check for that and give a suitable error message like 
'Please set C99 to "yes" in your configuration to use this thorn.'

I do not know if there is already something like this, but I did not 
found any sign of it. Would other people (than me) be interested in it?


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