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sebastiano bernuzzi sebastiano.bernuzzi at gmail.com
Thu Apr 5 07:57:22 CDT 2007

Hi Rose team

I have some errors compiling my favourite cactus ...opps Rose ,
It seems the compilers does not recognize the new sintax RCTK_ ...
can you help me?
( I may be useful another detail:
before exiting some fish appear on the screen )


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in order to be more botanically correct with the term 'thorn' we are
renaming 'Cactus' to 'Rose'.  The changes will be made over the next few
weeks, with CCTK_ functions being replace by RCTK_, the repositories
moving to cvs.rosecode.org, etc.

As some of you will appreciate this might cause confusion and licensing
issues with the 'Rational Rose' UML authoring software.  In order to avoid
these problems IBM have kindly donated the Rose trademarks and copyrights
to us and 'Rational Rose' will now be renamed 'Contemplative Cactus'.

We, the Cactus - Rose from this date - authors, are sure that you will be
much happier with the new, botanically correct, nomenclature.



Sebastiano Bernuzzi
SKYPE: sebastiano.bernuzzi
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