[Developers] [Patches] fix to integer overflow bug in PUGH

Rideout, David P d.rideout at imperial.ac.uk
Fri Apr 6 17:33:23 CDT 2007

How about casting it to an unsigned long instead?  (Just because in principle one may be interested in the exact value.)


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On Apr 6, 2007, at 15:36:25, David Rideout wrote:

> The malloc calls in PUGH compute the size to allocate from an int  
> expression. This patch casts such expressions to size_t.  This  
> fixes PR 2088.
> Patch also includes a check that malloc returns a non-NULL result...

The patch looks fine with one exception.  You cannot print a value of  
type size_t with %lu.  I suggest to convert the value to double and  
to print it with %f instead.


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