[Developers] problems compiling cactus on mac osx with ifort

Thomas Radke tradke at aei.mpg.de
Wed Aug 8 07:10:32 CDT 2007

Bruno Giacomazzo wrote:
> Hi,
>     I was finally able to compile Cactus on my Mac (OS X Version 
> 10.4.10) using the fortran Intel compiler. I had to modify two files:
> 1) Cactus/lib/make/extras/MPI/MPICH using a patch that was created by 
> Steve White one year ago and which solves a problem with mpich2 since 
> tarch is not installed anymore. It use mpich2version instead (see 
> mpich2.diff attached). Why this patch was not committed?

I don't know and just did it, after testing it on my own MPICH2 

> 2) Cactus/lib/make/known-architectures/darwin since when using gcc to 
> link, it tries to use icrt.link which is not installed. (see darwin.diff 
> attached).
>     I have also attached the config-info file used to build the 
> executable that runs without any problem. Note that I had to add the 
> following option in the config file: LIBS=pmpich imf svml ifcore

The pmpich library should be automatically added to MPI_LIBS by the 
MPICH configure script. The other libraries are added already by the 
current known-architectures configure script for darwin, you just had 
commented out too much in your patched version.

All necessary changes are in CVS now so that Cactus should build 
automatically on Darwin with MPICH2, without the need for users to patch 
anything manually.

Cheers, Thomas.

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