[Developers] MPI_Finalize

Luca Baiotti baiotti at ea.c.u-tokyo.ac.jp
Wed Dec 5 00:06:11 CST 2007

Dear developers,

has there been any follow-up to this proposal?



>Erik Schnetter wrote:
>> Currently, the flesh calls MPI_Init, but the driver is supposed to call 
>> MPI_Finalize.  This happens presumably in the terminate bin as 
>> Driver_Terminate.  According to the MPI standard, no externally visible 
>> operations may be performed after that, so that the driver may as well 
>> call exit at the same time.  If not, strange errors can happen, as 
>> reported today elsewhere by Luca Baiotti.
>> I propose to have the flesh call MPI_Finalize, to make things symmetric 
>> to MPI_Init.  It would do so very late in CCTKi_ShutdownCactus after 
>> printing "Done.".  This means that thorns could continue to schedule 
>> actions in the terminate bin after Driver_Terminate, and in the shutdown 
>> bin.
>> I attach a diff.  Of course, PUGH and Carpet would also need to be 
>> changed, so that they don't call MPI_Finalize any more.
>> -erik

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