[Developers] Patch: pass arrays and hashes by reference in interface parser

Thomas Radke tradke at aei.mpg.de
Mon Feb 5 10:05:09 CST 2007

This patch optimises the interface_parser.pl script to pass perl lists 
and hashes by reference rather than by value.

It turned out that most of the runtime of the parameter parser was spent 
in flattening list/hash arguments during function calls. Using 
references conveniently solves this performance bottleneck; for the 
'PublicThorns' configuration used in the nightly integration tests (with 
a list of some 120 thorns), the overall CST runtime went from 100s down 
to 8s [although the same "mistake" of passing lists/hashes is done in 
the schedule and parameter parser scripts, it's probably not worth the 
effort fixing it there as well].

Cheers, Thomas.

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