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Erik Schnetter schnetter at cct.lsu.edu
Wed Jan 10 16:13:58 CST 2007

On Jan 10, 2007, at 06:15:35, A.Smirnov wrote:

> Hi,
> my question is about THORNLIST, THORNLIST_DIR, PROMPT, WARN options.
> In the root Makefile these options are processed when
> setup_configuration.pl script was finished. Since  
> setup_configuaration.pl
> is responsible for setting options from config file (as environment  
> variables),
> it is not possible to get these options values  when  
> setup_configuration.pl
> is finished. So, placing mentioned options into config file is  
> useless.
> Maybe it is worth adding possibility to set THORNLIST,  
> WARN options from config file ?

The WARN option is already supported in the config file.  It sets a  
default that can be overwritten when the configuration is built.

The THORNLIST and THORNLIST_DIR are currently not supported, because  
we didn't think it would be useful.  When we create a configuration,  
then we usually use a set of options and a thorn list, and combine  
these for form a configuration.  We usually use the same set of  
options for different thorn lists, hence specifying a specific thorn  
list together with the options is not useful for us.

Of course, this is just how we use Cactus.  If you use Cactus  
differently, then adding THORNLIST and THORNLIST_DIR may be useful  
for you.  Especially THORNLIST_DIR may make sense  if you keep all  
your thorn lists in the same directory.  And PROMPT should be treated  
in the same way as WARN.

If others agree as well, do you then want to open a feature request?   
Or maybe even a patch?  Since WARN is already handled, you would  
handle the other options in the same way.


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