[Developers] should we document that CCTK_MyProc(NULL) works?

Jonathan Thornburg jthorn at aei.mpg.de
Fri Jan 12 07:19:56 CST 2007


With all current drivers (or at least all known to the people I've
talked to), it's legal to call CCTK_MyProc() with a NULL GH pointer,
and doing so works (CCTK_MyProc() returns the correct result).

IMHO this is very useful behavior.  For example, it lets code which
doesn't have a GH still generate unique filenames for logging debug
data.  The problem is, right now this behavior is not documented in
the Cactus Reference Manual.

Does anyone object to my documenting the current behavior in the
Cactus Reference Manual?  Should we go farther and also promise
(document) that this is guaranteed to work for any driver?


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