[Developers] should we document that CCTK_MyProc(NULL) works?

Erik Schnetter schnetter at cct.lsu.edu
Fri Jan 12 07:48:47 CST 2007

On Jan 12, 2007, at 07:19:56, Jonathan Thornburg wrote:

> Hi,
> With all current drivers (or at least all known to the people I've
> talked to), it's legal to call CCTK_MyProc() with a NULL GH pointer,
> and doing so works (CCTK_MyProc() returns the correct result).

This is not quite true.  With Carpet, while you do get an answer and  
not a segmentation fault when passing a null pointer, the result may  
differ (or may differ in the future).  Without a GH, the driver can  
essentially only use MPI_COMM_WORLD to find MyProc and nProcs.  With  
a GH, Carpet can potentially know that there are different GHs, each  
associated with its own communicator, and each with different values  
for MyProc and nProcs.  This would be relevant in a multi-model  

Tom's idea was approximately that there could be one GH which is the  
global GH.  When passing a null pointer, Carpet would then use that  
GH implicitly.

This is currently not implemented.  For multi-model simulations,  
there is no global GH.  Instead, each Unix process has a unique GH,  
and it is this unique GH which is used if you pass a null pointer.   
But this may change.

For example, when you call MyProc or nProcs while interpolating, you  
should therefore always pass the same GH that you also pass to the  


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