[Developers] AHFinderDirect + Cartoon with bitant symmetry?

Zach Etienne zachetie at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 12 13:44:54 CST 2007


We (the Illinois group) require an apparent horizon finder in Cactus that works     with Cartoon2D + bitant (i.e., "equatorial") symmetry.  Does AHFinderDirect support this combination of symmetries?  

In my version of AHFinderDirect, it says (in AHFinderDirect/doc/TODO):
    detect Cartoon and rotate geometry interpolation into Cartoon plane

Thus I'm inclined to believe the answer to my question is "no".  If this is in fact the case, does anyone have a version of AHFinderDirect that supports Cartoon+bitant symmetry?

Thanks in advance for your reply.
-Zach Etienne,
  on behalf of the Illinois Group

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