[Developers] AHFinderDirect + Cartoon with bitant symmetry?

Thorsten Kellermann kellerma at aei.mpg.de
Sat Jan 13 09:47:49 CST 2007

Hi Zach

Some month ago I tested the Cartoon + bitant + AHF for balck hole in 
Schwarzschild coordinates. I did only evolving the Lapse Function and it 
worked. I think you know you have to stagger the grid.

May be describe your problem more precisly.


On Fri, 12 Jan 2007, Zach Etienne wrote:

> Hello.
> We (the Illinois group) require an apparent horizon finder in Cactus that works     with Cartoon2D + bitant (i.e., "equatorial") symmetry.  Does AHFinderDirect support this combination of symmetries?
> In my version of AHFinderDirect, it says (in AHFinderDirect/doc/TODO):
>    detect Cartoon and rotate geometry interpolation into Cartoon plane
> Thus I'm inclined to believe the answer to my question is "no".  If this is in fact the case, does anyone have a version of AHFinderDirect that supports Cartoon+bitant symmetry?
> Thanks in advance for your reply.
> -Zach Etienne,
>  on behalf of the Illinois Group
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