[Developers] CactusUtils/2079: Patch for thorn TimerReport: Output timer reports to a file instead of to stdout

schnetter at cct.lsu.edu schnetter at cct.lsu.edu
Tue Jan 16 08:52:12 CST 2007

> Number:         2079
> Notify-List:    developers at cactuscode.org
> Category:       CactusUtils
> Synopsis:       Patch for thorn TimerReport: Output timer reports  
> to a file instead of to stdout
> Confidential:   no
> Severity:       non-critical
> Priority:       low
> Responsible:    goodale
> State:          open
> Class:          feature-request
> Submitter-Id:   user
> Arrival-Date:   Tue Jan 16 08:43:59 -0600 2007
> Originator:     Erik Schnetter
> Release:        Cactus 4.0.b16
> Organization:
> Environment:
> Description:
Add a parameter to thorn CactusUtils/TimerReport to output the timer  
reports to files instead of to stdout.  The reports are often many  
lines long, and they use more than 80 characters per line, cluttering  
stdout.  Additionally, having them in files allows looking at timer  
reports from all processors without collecting all processors' stdout.

The implementation is a bit unelegant, since the flesh function  
CCTK_SchedulePrintTimes does not accest a FILE* argument.  Instead,  
TimerReport redirects all stdout to file before outputting the  
report, and unredirects afterwards.  This requires the system calls  
open, dup, and close, which are not part of the C standard (but are  
already autodetected when configuring Cactus).
> How-To-Repeat:
> Fix:
> Unformatted:


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