[Developers] Unclear error message from test suite

Thomas Radke tradke at aei.mpg.de
Fri Jan 26 04:59:34 CST 2007

Erik Schnetter wrote:
> For the test case CarpetEvolutionMask_test, which fails because the  
> output files have different names, the following happens (I do not  show 
> all output here; I show only lines relevant to kxx):
> ...
> The message "Both versions of this file do not exist." is unclear.   
> What does it mean?  As written, it means that neither version (nor  the 
> one in the repository nor the one just created) exists.  This is  
> clearly wrong.  Maybe it should read "This file was not created by  the 
> test case"?

Hmm, I couldn't fully follow the logic here either.

> Also, when I listed the file, it is not clear from the output that  this 
> file was not created.  The output actually indicates that the  file 
> exists, but is empty.

I solved this problem by fixing a bug in the in the RunTestUtil.pl 
script (which goes back to earlier versions of Cactus releases). Now 
files which are missing in the testsuite output but should be there are 
reported separately. And they are not offered anymore to the user for an 
interactive comparison between expected and generated output files.

Cheers, Thomas.

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