[Developers] Unify screen layout of test suite results

Thomas Radke tradke at aei.mpg.de
Fri Jan 26 09:48:57 CST 2007

Erik Schnetter wrote:
> I noticed that the test suite results are reported with an ad-hoc  
> screen layout.  Some messages are preceded by an empty line, others  are 
> not; some are indented 3 characters, others about 10 characters.
> I would like to use a uniform format: For each file about which there  
> is a message, indent by 3 spaces, if there is additional information  
> about that file, indent that by 6 spaces.  Each message begins with  the 
> file name, followed by a colon.  Empty lines only between the  different 
> sections.
> Thomas, would that break your automated report parser?

Not where the reports for individual testsuites are concerned; this 
information is stored in individual files "<testsuite>.diffs" in the 
"TEST/<configuration>/<thorn>/" subdir and is simply imported as is into 
the integration test output.
The only information which is parsed by the integration test script is 
the one stored in "TEST/<configuration>/summary.log" from which the 
number of available testsuites and the number of passed/failed tests is 
So feel free to unify and beautify the testsuite script output as you like.

BTW: If you want to take a look at the Cactus integration test scripts 
that I'm running every night:

   cvs -d :pserver:cvs_anon at cvs.aei.mpg.de:/eScienceCVS co 
AstroGrid/Cactus/IntegrationTests   # login with password 'anon'

Cheers, Thomas.

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