[Developers] Unify screen layout of test suite results

Tom Goodale goodale at cct.lsu.edu
Tue Jan 30 04:40:08 CST 2007

On Tue, 30 Jan 2007, Thomas Radke wrote:

> Erik Schnetter wrote:
>> On Jan 26, 2007, at 09:48:57, Thomas Radke wrote:
>>> Erik Schnetter wrote:
>>>> I noticed that the test suite results are reported with an ad-hoc
>>>> screen layout.  Some messages are preceded by an empty line,  others
>>>> are
>>>> not; some are indented 3 characters, others about 10 characters.
>>>> I would like to use a uniform format: For each file about which there
>>>> is a message, indent by 3 spaces, if there is additional information
>>>> about that file, indent that by 6 spaces.  Each message begins  with
>>>> the
>>>> file name, followed by a colon.  Empty lines only between the
>>>> different
>>>> sections.
>>>> Thomas, would that break your automated report parser?
>>> Not where the reports for individual testsuites are concerned; this
>>> information is stored in individual files "<testsuite>.diffs" in the
>>> "TEST/<configuration>/<thorn>/" subdir and is simply imported as is  into
>>> the integration test output.
>>> The only information which is parsed by the integration test script is
>>> the one stored in "TEST/<configuration>/summary.log" from which the
>>> number of available testsuites and the number of passed/failed  tests is
>>> extracted.
>>> So feel free to unify and beautify the testsuite script output as  you
>>> like.
>> Do we require a patch for this change?
> I'd say this counts as documentation, it doesn't change any
> functionality. Thus shouldn't need to go through our patch approval
> procedure.

Part of the reason for the patch procedure is to ensure that there is 
discussion beforehand and that people are in sync, so since this has been 
discussed and isn't going to come as a surprise, and we've already covered 
what might be broken by it, it should be fine to just go ahead.



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